About Akaciegården

When was Akaciegården founded?

The nursing home was founded in 1976 and is going to be renovated during 2014.

How many rooms do you have?

We have 80 rooms in total – 20 permanent rooms on each floor and 15 temporary rooms for citizens waiting on a permanent room.

How many employees do you have?

We have 85 employees including administrative staff.

What facilities like a recreation and rehabilitation area do you have?

Each room has one living room, toilet and bath and a balcony (a garden for those located on the ground floor). Shared facilities include a main dining room and living/television room on each floor. We furthermore have a large room for common activities and a large area for physiotherapy. We provide hairdressing and chiropody services to all residents. Additionally, we have a kitchen which prepares some of the food provided to the nursing home residents. We also have at big garden perfectly suited for walking and biking with the staff.

What is Akaciegården especially known for?

Akaciegården is especially known for working strategically with LEAN, a Japanese business philosophy which teaches employees to work smarter not harder. Following this philosophy creates time for the staff to spend together with the elderly in the nursing home. Furthermore,  Akaciegården is known for our excellent  rehabilitation efforts, where we work to retain and rehabilitate the elderly with the purpose of providing them with quality of life and retaining their level of functionality for as long as possible.